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What is sustainability?

Environmental sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. By becoming sustainable, we can reduce our environmental footprint and help preserve the world’s precious natural resources.

Business sustainability

Business sustainability involves strategies and practices that aim to meet the needs of today's society without compromising the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future. Business and industry has a crucial role to play in helping Australia to become more sustainable and competitive. As a result, many Australian organisations and industries are responding by reducing their environmental impacts and risks through improved environmental management practices and efficient use of natural resources.

The department has information, programs and support to assist your business to cut carbon, save money and remain competitive in a resource and carbon constrained environment.


Learn about climate change and the impacts of carbon and how you can reduce emissions. The Sustainability Roadmap can provide a framework to steer your business towards sustainability. Read more.

Get started

Find out what actions you can take now in your business with the Top Ten Workplace Tips, How to Guides, and Eco Efficiency for Cafes, Retailers and Offices. Read more.


Find programs to support your business sustainability ranging from general business practices, selecting eco-efficient electrical appliances, and rebates to assist in the commercialisation of a sustainable innovation. Read more.


Connect with sustainable technology users and suppliers through regular forums conducted at locations around Queensland. Read more.

Household sustainability

There are many ways to save energy and water and reduce waste in and around your home, which may even help you save money. You can make smarter choices for your home, even if you’re renting. If you’re building or renovating, there are even more sustainable options available to you.

The average Australian household releases around 13 000 kg of CO2 each year. By contrast, the average Swedish household’s contribution is only 6800 kg.

It’s easy to live sustainably and reduce your CO2 emissions – so start making your lifestyle changes today!

Last reviewed
7 December 2015
Last updated
1 June 2012